Notes from the Jupiter Conference: Day 1
1st panel: The Paid Content Debate
Michael Rogers, Washington Post Interactive/Newsweek
Dennis Mudd, CEO, Music Match
Jacob Weisberg, Editor, Slate
Debra Wilson, Pres. Weather Channel Interactive

Wide-ranging dicussion of subscriptions, premiumn services, critical audience mass versus revenue from small group.
Best marketing advice came from Mudd of MusicMatch who was eloquent on the value of:
a) offering a basic free service to use as an upsell
b) testing and development to refine the most attractive offers for your paying segments
c) closely trracking who those best users are, what they want, and what you can sell them that they can’t get elsewhere.
Debra Wilson of the Weather Channel provided wonderful insights into how they have developed very specialize, niched products as incremental and ancillary extensions of their core business–extreme weather alerts across multiple media platforms for example (get a phone call if there’s a tornado coming into your area, for example).
The most futuristic comments–among many good point he made–came from Michael Rogers, who is thinking about what comes next in web publishing, or what is post browser publishing?
This is an area that really interests me–think about the disconnect between newspapers needing to put up PDF-like digital editions of their print products to save cost–and the kind of real-time video blogging and multi-media reporting we are starting to see, and it’s clear there are some converging streams to work out.
Rogers and the teams he is working with are exploring how to create non-PDF, dynamic pages that literally go beyond the browser. This was definitely the most intriguing idea I heard and one I want to pursue.
Hey, you out there: If you know anything about next generation, post-browser, publishing” please let me know, okay? I’d appreciate emails with any tips or pointers to smernitataoldotcom. Thanks,