BLOGGING: What compels my attention most?
This is day three of writing the Susan Mernit Blog. Which blogs do I read on a regular basis?
Romenesko: media news– I tune into Romanesko several times a day, hoping for updates.
Gawker: Media, gossip and Nooh Yawk stuff– The day Gawker launched, I started checking it as compulsively as AOL execs check their stock portfolios.
Boingboing: A directory of wonderful things–If only magazines were as interesting as Boing Boing!
Buzzmachine: Politics, news & blogging–Stylings, observations and sometimes rants from the inimitable Jeff Jarvis
Marc Canter’s Voice:Got bandwidth, baby? Visions of next generation, high-bandwidth tools & products
Ross Mayfield: Mapping the blogosphere–Cogent analysis of the development of social networks meets rampant blogging evangelism
There are probably about 20 other blogs I check out periodically and enjoy, ranging from well-know blogs like Joi Ito’s to family and friends’ blogs such as SheRantz and P.Leopold Bloom’s Journal.
Suggestions for blogs I might like–or blogs you like? Email me at smernitataoldotcom and I will check out your notes and post items.