Madeleine Peyroux & Rachelle Garniez

Madeleine Peyroux
Two of the performers who caught my attention at the harmonica party on Sunday were not harmonica players. Both Madeleine Peyroux and Rachelle Garniez played some terrific music. I did a little web searching and discovered that Peyroux, whom I had not heard of before, has a strong cult following for her songs–thought she has only released one CD, Dreamland, there are 1,570 references to her on Google, many of them postings by fans.
Peyroux is playing 3 gigs in New York in the next 2 months, and I hope to go to at least one of them.

Rachelle Garniez
Accordionist and songwriter Rachelle Garniez is less well known than Peyroux, but she’s definitely one to watch. She plays regularly at Terra Blues in NYC, and has released two CDs– Serenade City(1997) and
Crazy Blood(2001).