MARCHING: Against the War in NYC
We joined the march at 34th street and Broadway at 12 :30 pm. It took two hours to march along Broadway to Washington Square. When I left the Square at 3:30, marchers were still coming down Broadway into the park. Some of the slogans on the home-made signs:
Noo Yawk Sez No
Bush: Weapon of Mass Destruction
Who would Jesus Bomb?
We Mourn US Imperialism
Shock + Horror
Asses of Evil
Issues with Baghdad–or issues with Dad?
Loot the economy, plunder the environment, hid it behind a war!
Support our Troops–Send them home
Little dicks grow up to be big dictators
Prune Bush
War–What is it good for?
It’s all about the oil
SIGHTINGS: Demonstrations are always filled with faces from the past.
On the way in, I ran into Meredith Sue Willis, a writer and old friend who used to work with me at Teachers & Writers Collaborative, and Carla C, who was a fellow AOL’er. After the march, in Washington Square Park, I ran into Jessica Siegel , the amazing journalism teacher who was profiled in Sam Freedman’s book about a year at Seward Park High School, and who so ably ran the ArtsConnection journalism program when I taught at Erasmus HS as part of the program. Trying to get into the bathroom at Barnes & Noble at Astor Place (and ducking out because of the endless line), I saw Judy K, a woman I went to Camp Walt Whitman with when I was eleven. I’d last seen Judy about six years ago, when we used to take Zack to Washington Park in Tribeca on the weekends–Judy and her family lived nearby. For some reason, I was thinking about her and wondering if she still lived in NYC–and there she was! My world often works that way.
THIS JUST IN: News sources reporting “tens of thousands” at NYC protest. AP story snippet (filed 2:55 PM):
The crowd snaked for 30 city blocks, with demonstrators still joining the march at Herald Square even as the first marchers arrived at Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village. The marchers filled Broadway from sidewalk to sidewalk.
No arrests were reported, but police scuffled with some protesters on a side street north of the park.
Among those marching were U.S. Rep Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., singer Patti Smith, and actors Roy Scheider, Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee. Rangel said the marchers were anything but unpatriotic.