MTV MUSIC MEMO–No War footage
A supposedly authentic memo leaked from MTV Europe recommending the network refrain from playing music videos with images of war, soldiers, etc, including the following:
System of a Down “Boom!” – anti-war video containing facts and figures
Aerosmith “Don’t want to miss a thing” – contains footage from the film Armageddon.
Manic Street Preachers “So Why So Sad” – contains footage of soldiers being killed and man throwing a hand grenade.
Passengers/U2 “Miss Sarajevo” – contains missiles, guns and buildings being blown up.
Bon Jovi “This ain’t a love song” – contains war scenes and victims in distress.
Iggy Pop “Corruption” – contains wars, riots, guns and captions “we love guns” and “we love rifles”.
Paul Hardcastle “19” – contains war footage.
Radiohead “Lucky” – contains war footage including injured children.
Billy Idol “Hot in the City” – contains an atomic explosion.
Armand van Helden “Koochy” – contains an atomic explosion and ships being blown up.
Trick Daddy “Thug Holiday” – contains soldiers being killed at war.