Notes from the Jupiter Conference: Day 1
Keynote 1: Barry Briggs, COO, CNET Embrace ROI!

Briggs’ speech focuses on how CNET is developing an in-house set of tracking and measuring tools to provide automated, versatile ways to measure ROI on behalf of advertising and transaction partners. “Meaurability is the key to providing marketing value,” is his rallying cry.
Brigg’s goal: Ensure all CNET properties are able to track users through the learning cycle (this is where they read articles, test software and game demos, listen on community and ratings), then move them into the buying cycle, ideally right on the CNET site, but on the partner site if need be.
While his measurement solutions are far too enormous and grand for most in the audience to adopt, Biggs has some nice comments about ways to offer value to the audience that are relatively more attainable–free white papers, webcast and community discussions, free downloads.