Paul Frankenstein recalls the 1996 Pathfinder era at Time, Inc, and notices that the Pathfinder URL actually has links to the Time Inc. web sites, including Progressive Farmer.
What Frankenstein doesn’t mention is that this is the week when many of the most popular Time Inc web sites become available only within the AOL browser environment, for AOL subscribers.
When I was back in Silicon Valley about a month ago, I stopped at Recycled Books and bought myself a library of dot com era classics, all of which had been dumped at the bookstore by unemployed techies. Hyperwars : 11 Essential Strategies for Survival and Profit in the Era of Online Business by Bruce Judson was one on the books. Published in 1999, the opening chapter recalls the days when Bruce Judson was “one of the early Internet pioneers…working as the leader of the team that created one of the first large-scale Internet sites.”
Just as Judson’s book seems irrelevant in today’s climate, I wonder to whether the Time Inc web sites are also irrelevant. Will anyone notice or care that they can’t read on the web anymore?