READING: Business 2.0 has published its third annual The 101 Dumbest Moments in Business. Amazingly, AOLTW isn’t mentioned until # 89-91, when Biz 2.0 lambasts the company’s stunning devaluation.
That’s fine, but I’m surprised that some of the AOL brand’s brighter moments aren’t mentioned in this article, such as:
1) Announce a new series of commmunity and content initiatives in October 2002, then switch strategies less than 3 months later.
2) Make a big deal about the Microsoft plastering New York City with MSN butterflies in October 2002–after all, doesn’t calling the city to complain about the butterflies prove AOL 8.0 is the better product?
2) Announce that Netscape will be a key partner in distributing AOLTW content on the Internet–then less than 3 months later, announce many of the most popular Time Inc brands will be available only on AOL service.
(Disclaimer: I was employed by AOLTW through December 2002.)