BLOGGING: “They are family“… Moveable Type moves business to next level
Moveable Type, the web blogging company, made several announcements this week that have filled the pages of web logs everywhere.
1) MT has launched Typepad, a hosted service (a la blogger, you can post your blog on their server)
2) Anil Dash, a wonderful blogger and very smart guy, is joining as VP, Biz Dev.
3) Joi Ito and Neoteny are investing, making 1&2 more robust, as they say.
What fascinates me is how excited the blogging community is–at least 5 of the top 10 links on Popdex, the web popularity index, link to some aspect of this news.
There are many, many links.
I can’t wait to see how this all evolves..more business means more vitality and opportunity to bring blogging to more people…something I am very committed to.
Oh yeah, and Anil got called famous, too.
Gothamist has comments about Anil’s new gig.
So does, sorta.
And Anil weighs in:
“As of today, I’ve got the privilege of working with good friends for whom I have a tremendous amount of respect. And I get to work in the medium I know best, doing work I love. It’d be a dream job by anyone’s measure. That the realm we’re working in might actually turn out to be important makes it even better than a mere dream.”