Communicating: My first fan note
My writing teacher, the poet Robert Kelly, used to emphasize that we should look closely at things that triggered a strong reaction. If you hated something, it had as much power, as something you loved. The emotions in the middle, mild curiousity or indifference, were what writers should avoid..
In that spirit, I can say, this blog has just gotten it’s first fan letter–only it’s no wet kiss. Dana was outraged at my post about the response to Lauren Weisberger’s new novel, The Devil Wears Prada. She writes:
you and your recipe-purveying, celebrity-gazing, blog buddies ought to get some sort of life.
lauren weisberger – stupid..yeh, real dumb….the girl writes a funny book,
manages to insult some holier-than-thou ny times suck-ups to the fashion industry
(posing as reviewers), and you’re ready to burn her at the stake.
the jealously is overwhelming…why do you all take yourselves so seriously?