Cooking: Food as freedom
I”ve never explained why I’m into cooking or why I post menus and lists of dishes I’ve cooked on SMB.
Here’s the deal:
For the past three years, I was a dot-com exec for AOL. First, I moved cross-country to work for AOL. Later, I spent a year commuting across the country from Mountain View, Ca to Dulles, VA. Then, I moved back to New York from CA to do another AOL job. Then I commuted from New York to Virginia a few days a week and worked in NYC the rest of the time.
Translation: I was never home, I had no personal life, and I never cooked, like never.
When I got laid off in January, I decided to start cooking once more. Since then I’ve made five different Thai rice noodle dishes, worked my way through <a href=" The Minimalist Cooks At Home, and become addicted to the dishwasher’s Quick Wash –28 minutes and the dirty bowls turn clean.
So cooking is evidence that I have a life. That small personal things matter. That I’m fortunate to have people to cook for.
And hey, that food tastes good.