Buy the dress, read the book

The Quicksilver Clothing Company announced today that they were launching Luna Bay, a Roxy Girl book series for 8-12 year olds. Featuring five fifteen-year old girls who are friends and live live by the beach in Southern California, the series will focus on relationships, dating, friends, family, and buying the coolest Roxy Girl products, in the purest way possible, of course.
“These books are authentic. They’re a great read, written by a good author.”
–Danny Kwock, 42, co-lead of Quicksilver’s entertainment division.
“We were sitting in the company cafeteria, talking to some girls who work here. Turns out they’re all voracious readers, all members of book clubs and, of course, they all surf. They said they couldn’t think of any good girls’ fiction since those old series, like ‘Sweet Valley High.”
–Matt Jacobson, 42, Quicksilver Entertainment co-lead.
“This was unique. It was Kismet. Danny and Matt came to us looking for a publishing partner. I looked at these people, so passionate about empowering girls, so committed to their audience, and to the sport…. From my perspective as a publisher, this is extremely important. This series says to girls, ‘I’m really passionate about this sport, but I’m doing it while I’m also balancing my life, my friends, my schoolwork — all my other passions.”
–Hope Iinnelli, editorial director, Harper Entertainment.
Too bad teens are going to read this drivel. Guess it means they’re no better than their parents, but shame on the publishing company for shovelling this crap down their throats.
Source: LA Times