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LOVING: Blog your bulldog
This is Mildred, James M. Capozzola’s bulldog.

Here are 10 of 100 things about her
1. Mildred is what is commonly known as a “full-figured gal.”
2. Mildred has had a problem, all of her life, with those “pesky 5 pounds.”
3. Mildred’s problem is, to tell the truth, with those “pesky 10 pounds.”
4. Mildred’s full and official name is “Mildred Pierce,” from the movie of the same name.
5. Mildred says that if you haven’t seen the movie, you won’t get it. And you’re missing a lot.
6. Mildred must be walked three times a day.
7. Mildred’s “walks” rarely extend beyond one city block.
8. Mildred is one lazy ass dog.
9. Mildred burps, loudly, after most meals.
10. Mildred will barf if she drinks too much water too quickly.

(via The Daily Rant.)