Here’s a really scary email about SARS in San Jose California (my adopted hometown). Considering I am going to San Fran this weekend, this really strikes terror–
Via dave farber)
From: “Jon O.”
Reply-To: “”
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 11:08:41 -0800
Subject: SARS infected plane in SJ
I’m sure you have probably heard there is a plane with
at least 4 possible SARS infections on the ground in San
Jose — two crew, two passengers. CNN just reported the
4 patients will be taken for treatment, the other passengers
will be allowed to *leave* with a card asking them to
call if they get sick.
This is the worst possible course of action. Two crew
possibly infected means they may have all had interactions
with many passengers (drinks, meals, etc.). Allowing
the other passengers to just leave will likely result
in them becoming ill, after infecting many other people
during the incubation period.