JOKING: Top 10 Passover Pick-up lines

My friend Toby sent me this today in anticipation of Passover, which begins this Tuesday night.
10. Let’s make this night really different from all other nights
9. I’m going to have to search you for chometz
8. I could never Pass you Over
7. Did you just read we were in bondage?
6. I bet I could make you sing Dayenu!
5. After four cups of wine, you look like Cindy Crawford
4. Nice Hagadah
3. What will you do to me for two zuzim?
2. I hear that horseradish is an aphrodisiac
And the #1 Passover Pick Up Line is:
1. Maybe when Elijah shows up, we can make it a threesome

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  1. Dave says:

    Only four sons. . .care to make a 5th?

  2. Dave says:

    Did that just say we were in bondage?

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