“The war is almost too big to comprehend.”
Touching entry by BBC correspondent Hilary Anderson, April 6, reported in WAR BLOG -2003,THE HARRY TIMEZ/opedworldpress
/—Basra is cut off for most of us, all we can do is get close and watch, talk to the few who come out of the city and imagine what it must be like for the rest. Those like the Iraqis that Britain is trying to win over with war. The people caught between their own oppressors and the coalition soldiers. The Iraqis that, to most British soldiers, appear on the landscape as dusty, ragged children waving, and crying out for water as they drive by in armoured land rovers. Or the Iraqis in cars who have to be checked in case they are militia. Who sometimes are made to kneel on the ground in a pen by British soldiers until they are checked. —/
(Source: BBC)
My son IM’ed me this morning, saying “3,000 killed.” He wanted to know if they’d found any weapons of mass destruction yet.
Does anyone really believe the US is being upfront its its agenda in this war? Whether you support the reasons for going in or not, it is obvious that the government is following its own agenda, one that has to do with killing, taking control of the oil fields, and feeling like a winner.