Book resources in the blogosphere
Weblog BookWatch: BW tracks references to books on blogs, and highlights the most popular. Top books on BookWatch right now are Pattern Recognition by William Gibson, Smart Mobs by Howard Rhinegold, and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenixby J.K.Rowling.
Created by Paul Bausch, who wrote much of the Blogger script.
All Consuming: AC also tracks mentions of books in blogs, and then ranks them on popularity. AC’s search script can also be used to search for a list of all the books within a specific blog.
For example, click here to see the books SMB has highlighted.
Created by Erik Benson, who works at Amazon.
Publisher’s Lunch: This subscription newsletter and web site from Michael Cader books tracks publishing deals and who’s selling rights to what to whom is well-written and easy to read. The first, and still the most complete web site devoted to books, run by my friend Carol Fitzgerald.