TALKING TRASH: Popbitch and Gossiplist
You gotta love Popbitch and Gossiplist for delivering the skankiest inside dish, like this week’s items:
On Popbitch, the Gay to Z of Popbitch this week, including:
E! Channel
Gay CNN.

Always denied he was homosexual – he just loved
his mother too much to get married. From 1977 57
year-old Liberace’s live-in lover was 18 year-old
Scott Thorson, who wrote a tell-all entitled Behind
The Candelabra, which included how he was forced
to get plastic surgery to get plastic surgery
to look more like “Lee”.
Siegried and Roy
They live on a Las Vegas compound called The
Jungle Palace. It includes a cappuccino bar, with
a Sistine Chapel replica ceiling. They also have
a set of gold candelabras, given to them by
Liberace. Their white lions and tigers roam freely
around the house. Obviously, they’re not gay. Oh no.
For a tour, click here.
A sample from Gossiplist:, where answers to blind items are revealed:
Kirstie Alley dirt

I love the new Pier One commercials featuring the
crazy comedienne Kirsty Alley. It turns out, she
really is crazy:
‘I don’t know how she’s perceived by her peers,
but as a lowly intern I read some faxes from
Kirstie Alley to a production company that were
surreal masterpieces of incoherent paranoia and
free-floating aggression. One could only assume
she composed these bizarre missives under the
influence of some controlled substance.’
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