Thinking: What kind of goo sticks in your brain?
Ever-thoughtful Anil Dash has a smart piece of writing today about breakfast cereal, Carmen Electra, and
how the whole world’s a lie (at least before 11 am). Readers share their own confessions about things, including Vidiot’s post. He writes:
This is kind of scary, but I heard that Madonna’s new album sucks even worse than most of her other stuff. (I doubt THAT’S true.) So I googled for some of the lyrics:
I’m drinking a Soy latte
I get a double shot-tay
It goes right through my body
And you know
I’m satisfied,
I drive my mini cooper
And I’m feeling super-dooper
Yo they tell I’m a trooper
And you know I’m satisfied
I do yoga and pilates
And the room is full of hotties
So I’m checking out the bodies
And you know I’m satisfied
I’m digging on the isotopes
This metaphysics shit is dope
And if all this can give me hope
You know I’m satisfied
I got a lawyer and a manager
An agent and a chef
Three nannies, an assistant
And a driver and a jet
A trainer and a butler
And a bodyguard or five
A gardener and a stylist
Do you think I’m satisfied?
I’d like to express my extreme point of view
I’m not Christian and I’m not a Jew
I’m just living out the American dream
And I just realized that nothing Is what it seems
Pure poetry, no?