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WRITING: Josh Chafetz takes responsibility for the war
If “in my name” is the war’s rally cry, what should we be taking responsibility for?
Here’s Josh’s powerful argument:
In my name, statues of a tyrant have been cast down, portraits of a tyrant have been stomped upon, and fear of a tyrant has dissipated. In my name, the courageous men and women of our coalition armed forces have largely been welcomed as liberators, not invaders. In my name, the residents of Baghdad shouted thank yous, “Good, George Bush!” and “Down Saddam!” to coalition troops. In my name, a Baghdad imam told a reporter, “I’m 49, but I never lived a single day. Only now will I start living. That Saddam Hussein is a murderer and a criminal.”
Read more at Tech Central Station at Tech Central Station. Read and post comments here (there are already about 40).
BTW, according to TCS, Josh Chafetz is a graduate student in politics at Merton College, Oxford, the co-founder of the Oxford Democracy Forum, and the co-editor of Oxblog, a group blog by people as smart –and probably as ambitious–as Chelsea.
I’m very impresed with the eloquence of this piece…what do you think?