AOL: Colburne doesn’t remember

Story in CNN Money today explaining how documents filed as part of a deposition to the SEC by David COlbunr last summer offer interesting detail–or a lack of them–about the pPurchase Pro deal under scrutiny. According to the article, Colburne says he doesn’t remember details of key meetings, but he doesn offer some details about his deputy Eric Keller, who was put on leave at AOL as a response to the SEC inquiry.
Quote: “In his deposition, Colburn described a conversation he had with Joe Ripp, then AOL’s chief financial officer and now the vice-chairman of the AOL division, and Keller. Colburn said he had “concern,” which was shared by other “senior executives,” that Keller was “not fully forthcoming” about a $12.2 million AOL transaction with Purchase Pro. Not long after that conversation, Keller was placed on leave. Colburn and a human resource manager notified Keller, but despite prodding from an SEC lawyer, Colburn testified that he couldn’t recall details of that conversation. ” (More here.)