AOL News, more execs & shareholder’s meeting

New execs adding to the mix
Ned Brody, who was CFO at Looksmart, is joining AOL as SVP for premium services, reporting to Broadband head Lisa Hook, reports Business Week and CNET. An AOL release today quotes Lisa Hook, “I’m excited about the opportunity we have to reinforce the consumer relationships at the heart of our business and create incremental revenues by providing members with quality premium services. Already, we’ve made good progress with the recent launch of premium services in the voice, music and anti-virus categories. Ned is a first-rate business strategist and manager, and I know that he will be a great asset to us as we continue to build our premium services business.”
Brody left Looksmart in 2001 and was replaced by Martha Clark. Shares of Looksmart fell 43% last week when the compant announced greatly reduced results for the most recent quarter.
In the past six months, AOL has added some very talented people to their team: Tina Sharkey, Deanna Brown both came from the NY media world; Ned Desmond was brought in from Time, Inc. AOL also recruited Joe McCambley from Boston-based ad agency Digitas to run the Studio division, where all the pages are built. Hopefully, these folks will help make some hits.
Shareholder’s meeting
AOL’s next shareholder’s meeting, at which Richard Parsons becomes chairman, is this Friday. The Associated Press is predicting shareholder drama at the meeting, given that shares have fallen 30 percent since last year, despite leaders’ vows to get thing back on track and assurances we’ve hit bottom. Since the merger was completed, in 2001, AOL TW shares have lost 70% of their value, as we all know.