Blogs & Social networks: Jumping the shark?

Yawn, more blogging stories in big media today. Time published a piece on Friendster and dating.
As some of you may know–and as everyone should know now, Friendster is a 6 degrees of separation hook-up service for friends of friends and their friends–and their friends, too, of course. Jonathan Abrams, the guy who started is, is an ex-Netscaper (I love keeping track of the legion of ex-Netscapers, they must number in the thousands by now.)
Times says Friendster is about dating, and it can be, but it is also about meeting friends of friends–something that also goes on at Ryze, another networking and social connection site.
I love Ryze, but I am neutral on Friendster–I have an account, but haven’t really gotten in to it.