Bureau of Meaningless Blah Blah Blah : Paris Hilton sets the record straight–she’s no skank
Is Paris Hilton the boy-friend-stealing, face-sucking, no underwearing-wearing slut she appears to be–or is she just getting a bad rap? In today’s NY Post, Paris tells gossipeuse Liz Smith that people have the wrong picture of her.
1) Paris isn’t a party girl
“I DON’T drink. I don’t do drugs. My family moved to New York when I was 15. We would go to parties and before long we were made out by the media to be party girls – dancing on tables. It used to hurt. It was embarrassing to my parents. But people who know me, know it’s not true.
2) Paris works hard for her money
I’m out networking for my career, to pay my own rent, my own bills. I make my own money.. know I’m pretty, but it means I have to work even harder.”
3) She ain’t no guy-poacher
(Lisa Marie Presley and Shannon Dougherty)…”They just didn’t understand. I’m only good friends with their exes.”