Department of Banned Books Foolishness aka deeply silly people

A school board member and a grandmother in Riverside, California propose to ban Dav Pikley’s The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby, part of the Captain Stinkypants series written by Dav Pilkey and published by Scholastic, because the book has poop as a character and doesn’t meet their critical standards (always a good reason to ban a book, doncha know).
The book…” has poor grammar, poor spelling, poor content, and it’s an extremely poor example of what I would want my student to learn,” said Gayle Cloud, the school board member. “I think Dr. Seuss would be rolling over in his grave.”
BTW, Riverside is the school district that banned the highly regarded The Chocolate War, by Robert Cormier from middle school libraries in the Riverside, California, Unified School District after a district committee decided the book was inappropriate for seventh and eighth graders to read without class discussion.
What fools.