Despite all my rage…

Got a fan letter today that made me wonder whether just anyone can get a university email address:
Subj: Read your blog…
Date: 5/23/03 5:37:30 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)
Hi, Susan. I was curious to see who was linking to, and I came
across this entry in your blog:
“Does anyone besides the evil sixteen
year old boys I am related to use IP-relay? Not to talk to deaf people, but
to embarass the IP operator with the outrageous comments they are forced to

Thanks for making my job harder, you fucking bitch.
My fantasy is that this person needs reading glasses, or maybe classes in anger management, or perhaps both. Oh, no, I forgot, it’s always best to shoot the messenger. Thanks, girlfriend, you have a real nice day, too.