Great article by Jimmy Guterman!

Return of the Dotcom Media Flameouts
A new version of the Wall Street Journal Online takes its cue from some unlikely sources.
By Jimmy Guterman, May 21, 2003
Remember dotcom journalism and how it was going to change everything? was supposed to make sense as a Nasdaq-listed public company? After numerous downgradings, it now trades over the counter for a nickel a share. was supposed to render the Wall Street Journal irrelevant? Well, the editor of is back at the Journal. was supposed to render existing media journalism irrelevant? Now the Wall Street Journal Online has launched a promising service that successfully does some of what Inside set out to do.
That last development is the most interesting, and it shows how a few of the dotcom journalism models worth preserving are being incorporated into more venerable media ventures. As with’s Health Edition, launched last year, the front page of its month-old online Media & Marketing Edition includes annotated headlines, links to related stories by WSJ-affiliated sources such as Barron’s and the Dow Jones Newswire, and shortcuts to subject-specific areas on associated sites. For those wanting a quick overview of the day’s media and marketing news, along with links to more detailed information, it’s quite useful.
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