Jayson’s Gal Pal: Zuza Speaks

Zuza Glowacka, Jayson Blair’s galpal, has published an essay in Newsweek about her relationship with Jayson and the Blair scandal.
I understand what Elizabeth Bishop meant when, in her poem “One Art,” she wrote, “The art of losing isn’t hard to master.” In the weeks since I’ve had to resign from my job because a close friend of mine, Jayson Blair, was caught plagiarizing and fabricating, I’ve lost my privacy, my credibility and many of my longtime friends. A few weeks ago I was a young employee of The New York Times, one of the most respected newspapers in the world. Now I’m known to the world as the 23-year-old mysterious Polish emigre, caught up in possibly the biggest scandal in the history of journalism and certainly the biggest scandal in the history of my life thus far.
More here from this really persuasive and well-argued essay. Man, she’s clearly not only smarter than Blair, but much more stable.