McDonald’s new Veggie Burger ain’t exactly vegan

Is it a real Veggie Burger if it’s cooked on the same grill with McDonald’s hamburgers, chicken, and ribs? If you answered yes, you might feel great about McDonald’s vegetarian burger as part of a light choices menu rolled out across Canada and a test in Southern California.
If you don’t think bacon grease should mix with your soy protein and veggies, you might not be as thrilled about the new dish.
Accoesing to a recent story in Veggie’s Paradise, the McDonald’s rep said the burger was “geared to the lighter side of McDonald’s. It’ s for people who are working on their weight. It’s not intended for religious-based or serious vegetarians.”
Furthermore, while the McVeggie Burger features a vegan patty made exclusively for McDonald’s by Yves Veggie Cuisine , the bun and the patty are vegan, but the barbecue sauce contains egg yolks, chicken fat, beef stock, beef extract, and rendered beef fat. Not exactly vegan

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    They do have a number of vegan items though which you can find at my site.

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