Microsoft & AOL Bloggers

Mary Foley of Microsoft Watch says the evil empire has blogging on the brain. She’s pulled together a list of all the really smart ‘softies with Blogs.
Further she points out how Microsoft’s forthcoming FrontPage 2003 product can be used as a front-end blogging tool, as can InfoPath, how Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking application (with its one-button “publish to Web” feature) can be a blog builder, and avid interest in building .Net blog plugins and tools.
Has anyone pulled together a list of AOLers with blogs? Given that Dave Winer says AOL has 400 techies programming blog software (so not true!), you’d think there’d be lots of bloggers, eh? The only AOL bloggers I am aware of who are actively blogging are Erin Malone, and Chris Johnson, though there are surely more. Netscaper Andrew Woolridge is into blogging in a big way, but it’s not connected to his day job.