Mitch Ratcliffe rocks: Blog Endorsement
With my new newsreader, I can keep up with more sites, and actually read some of the blogs people keep talking about. I’ve followed the blogs of Joi Ito, Marc Canter, Nick Denton, Ross Mayfield, Meg Hourihan (a favorite!) and a few other closely enough I feel like the wanna-be watching the popular kids, but I’ve heard people talk about “Mitch” more than I’ve read Mitch.
Well, I’ve been reading Mitch today and hey, I’m going to keep reading Mitch.
Favorite items from today’s reading: Blogging is not the same as journalism viz a snarky flap about investors flogging bloggers, and item on Marty Yudkovitz as new Tivo president.
And finally, the guy clearly reads. He’s got some good literary comments in his blog and a clear sense of histroy..always a plus.
And finally, he’s got a definite word on the squabbling about what is social software and who’s entitled to call it that, aka “I’m the boss of this playground/office/clique” whatever. For those of us who weren’t part of the blogging scene back at the dawn of time 3-4 years ago cause our heads were stuck up the butt of the web, these arguements–oh, I mean discussions–don’t have the resonance they do for the old guard.
Anyway, check out Mitch.