My New Tools: Mozilla and NewsMonster
So my friend Mark Graham recommended NewsMonster as a good news aggregator, aka news reader. Okay, sounds like just what I need.
So first I check out Kevin Burtin’s and see this guy is hella smart. Then I check out NewsMonster and decide it could be a great tool, just as Mark suggested.
Next step: I download Mozilla and play with it. It’s like Netscape, without the ads. I remember working with the browser team on what the sidebar tabs should be for Netscape 7.0–I asked them to get rid of of What’s Related, cause consumers didn’t get it.
In the Mozilla version, of course, it’s still the Top Tab, and it works really well for a more experienced user base.
But then, once I have NewsMonster downloaded on my machine, I hit one of those little snags–NM doesn’t see my Java which means it can’t work.
So I go to Java Sun and get Java, run it and open NewsMonster.
Presto! It works.
I now have a nice news aggregartor up and running with about 50 feeds.
But here’s the great part: it is no trouble to add more RSS feeds from anywhere–everywhere–I want!
Newsmonster is able to easily snag the RSS feeds from every one of the sites I like that has RSS.
So I go on an acquisitions rampage across the Blogosphere.
45 minutes later, there are over 150 sites in my NewsMonster Index. I am now going to be able to read and scan what others are saying in a way that was impossible bevore I added this tool.
Yeah! I am excited.
Next steps:
Use NewsMonster
See how using NewsMonster affects my reading and posting behavior
Observe what this teaches me about how increasing consumption of online information may reduce consumption of other info sources, like TV or weekly magazines
Get an RSS feed for this blog…now I wonder why I didn’t set one up right away> Just didn’t realize the value fully.
I wil keep posting on this….thanks Mark and Kevin for a cool tool. Will send you some dough if I keep using it…
Update: Matt Haughey on the joys of Mozilla.