PACKING IT UP AND TAKING IT ON THE ROAD: Going bicoastal, not postal

We’ll we’re about to move forward with those plans to be bicoastal in a major way. Sometime this summer, we’re going to move to California, back to the Valley.
Only when Susan Mernit moves anywhere, it’s never simple, nope. I’m going to move back West and continue working in New York. Yep, it’s that bicoastal thing again.
Live in California, work everywhere. Come back to the City (NY is the only city that never needs a modifier) and see clients and get things done. Come back to the city a a lot. Work in California as well.
Am I completely insane? Well, I might be , but a bi-coastal work life won’t be the thing that drives me round the bend–I’ve done this before. When I worked at AOL, I commuted cross country for a year–almost every week. (Yes, I have amazing miles). Then I commuted up and down from NY to VA, which seemed like a mere trifle after my 6,000 mile excusions.
Truth is, I am very excited about heading back to California– at heart, I am both an editor/business person and a product developer. While NY is the world’s media capital, the Bay area is home to so many brilliant product companies–I realy enjoy the creation that goes on in both places. And I know great people in both places.
So I hopefully will have the best–and worst–of both coasts pretty soon.