Pet your roach, honey

Reuters says that Australians are keeping giant roaches as pets. They’re not keeping those nasty little German roaches(brown), or the big fisty Palmetto bugs, nah, it’s the down under premiumn pests that have pet cachet: the giant burrowing cockroach and the rhinoceros cockroach both native to Australia, and found in the warm, northeastern state of Queensland.

Accordng to Reuters, “These gigantic cockroaches, officially called Macropanesthia Rhinoceros, grow as big as the palm of a hand, measuring about three inches and weighing just over an ounce. They are also known to live up to 10 years.
Hmmn….maybe my cat would like one as a pet.
(Via Amish Tech Support)

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  1. Robert Eggleton says:

    I was looking for the address of a guy that I’d communicated with about roaches for pets and found yours. I decided to write just in case you like science fiction.
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    Thank you,
    Robert Eggleton

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