THINKING: The Law of Accelerating Returns

Accelerating the rate of change, by Ray Kurzweil and Chris Meyer, is a powerful article that discusses the idea that because of our society’s power to grow, the 21st century will be equivalent to 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate of progress.
Kurzweil and Meyer describe acceleration as the societal equivalent to Moore’s Law.
Some quotes:
The Law of Accelerating Returns is the acceleration of technology, and the evolutionary growth of the products of an evolutionary process. And this really goes back to the roots of biological evolution.”
“…Even with today’s technology, which is going to evolve further very rapidly, the opportunity for ideas to find the right people who are going to push them forward and to get the right ideas in the right places is really extraordinary, and a great facilitator of progress. And it’s a very liberating and democratizing force as well, and I think it’s really behind the trend toward democracy. It might seem like we’re moving toward democracy, but if you really look at the world compared to, say, 1990, there has been a tremendous movement in every area of the world. And not just at a sort of national political level, but at every level of society.”
(Source: Dave Farber’s Interesting People list)