A year in Rarotonga: Good luck, Mark!

Mark Frauenfelder and family are picking up amd moving to the South Pacific for a year. I’ve been getting their weekly emails about this trip for a few weeks now, and it seems they’re just about to leave LA and head West. Their web site/blog and emails about The Island Chronicles are something I look forward to getting every week.
“Two more days before we fly off to Rarotonga. At this point, there’s not a lot to do besides wait. A couple of days ago, we gave Sarina’s (our five year old) last remaining pet, a firebelly toad, to her friend, India. I told India’s mother how she would have to drive to the pet store once a week to buy live crickets. I also gave her the “Cricket Corral,” cricket food and “cricket hydrator” (which looks like globs of orange Jell-O). She was surprised when I told her the frog might live 20 years or more. “Don’t worry,” I told her, “it’ll probably escape like the other one.” More here.