Addicted to the Blogosphere: Is my brain going to explore?

I’m up to 168 blogs on my newsreader, plus the one such as Gawker and Geisha Asobi that don’t have feeds.
The endless run of interesting people and ideas is a fatal mix for someone like me, who worked in a library all through college, loves data, and is always seeking new ideas. Between the announcements of new cool projects, and the writing of new cool posts, the blogosphere feels like a virtual coffeehouses aka Library of Alexandria, with amazing ideas, facts and people around each corner–but with no good map to use to chase them down.
I’m lucky I have lots to do in the real world, surfing blogs could become as addictive as playing web-based multi-layer games.
I sit down at night and read my newsreader, catching up before I power down, and basically, I look at items and click into blogs until my eyes get too tired. But geeze, it’s great–the energy, the ideas, the voices–bloggers are the musicians of the written word, putting their voices out there to be heard.

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  1. Matt (Norfolk Broads Fan) says:

    I agree – blogs are soooo addictive! A never ending source of great ideas.

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