Anniversary: 4 month blogging anniversary

I started this blog four months ago today. Looking back on the early entries, I see some differences–as in I didn’t know what the hell I was doing (but I knew that).
–Used lots more pictures in the beginning.
–Had this idea everything should be titled with active verbs: Reading, Writing, Thinking, etc. That was going to be a signature (didn’t last).
–Wanted everyone to think I was really smart (got over that one).
As I told the New York Times reporter, this is a hobby, and a way to communicate. I’ve already published more that 20 stories and articles in media outlets with circulations over 2 million, and I’ve run one of the biggest portals on the web–so blogging is not about getting myself a platform I didn’t have before, or couldn’t have otherwise.
It’s about the pleasure of taking one of the walls away from the people I write for, and about writing as a form of talking and communication, rather than a carefully crafted series of articles. With the addition of the comments forms, it’s hopefully more of a dialogue as well.
Thank you for reading this, and hope it’s worth your time.