AOL: Does only the spam gets through?

I have a routine: every morning, I get up, go over to my PC, and check out the emails that came in the previous night. These days, I spend a lot of time deleting spam offering online drugs, lowered mortgage rates, free vacations, and all sorts of sex and adding the senders to my blocking list. But these days, I’m also worrying about who’s NOT getting through–such as the friends trying to email me from Comcast, Earthlink. iVillage and god knows where else. You see, I have an AOL email address (left over from my days as a staffer), and AOL’s spam filter has blocked them out. The problem, according to ZDNet, is that tactics to thwart spammers include requiring large Internet service providers such as Comcast to register their e-mail server configurations to communicate with AOL–and then blocking mail from those sources if there are any changes to the configurations.
Do I ride this out, or do I switch?
AOL mail seems laughably unprofessional to some folks, but my email address is simple and easy to remember. Plus, I’ve had it for 4 years. Also, I am enough of a rebel to enjoy the downscale aspect…Having an uncool email address feels cool to me, like wearing KSwiss and Puma sneakers before they came back.
Still, if folks mail can’t get through…That’s bad…Yet another reason to join friends leaving the service for cheaper utilities.