Blogging: The power of linking

Spent part of last night reading comments about the New York Times story on various blogs. Jarvis commenting on how “a blog he knows”–I assume mine, that linkmiser–got so much less traffic based on the Times piece than he gets in links from Instapundit. JD Lasica commenting on how he seems to know everyone quoted in these pieces–we’re old friends and I think he’s a superb journalist.
Photodude picks up and posts about the link thing and adds his views. He writes:
“On Tuesday, I got one link from Instapundit during the sea of mockery over Bill O’Reilly, and garnered 967 hits that day. From that one link (Glenn’s stats show he had about 85,000 visitors that day). Michele’s link to the same piece brought 334 visitors.(BTW, Michele writes a mean About me…girl’s got attitude in a major way–course, she’s from Long Island.)…You don’t have to be a professional writer or a journalist with the backing of a major newspaper … to write a link.”
My old friend, Nava, who now runs a marketing newsletter, blogged me, too.
Dave Sifry, the Technorati whiz who started this all–I posted on his site in response to an invite/query he was handling–has a great entry on the Times story, etc. today.
What’s interesting is that when I talked to Catherine Greenman, two of the people/sites I emphasized were technorati, which I check at least twice a day, and megnut, because Meg Hourihan is my model of a good blogger and her book, We Blog, was a great help (which I told the reporter, BTW). Her comments here.
Wonderful kudos from friends on the mentions on The Busy Mom’s Site.
If this seems like self-congratulatory navel-gazing to you, well, maybe it is, a little, but it’s also the joy of people in a far-flung community connecting to one another. Many of us live far apart, have never met, and yet we send out voices out into the air–and this is a way to know we’re linked and talking with other real people.