Cruising the blogosphere this morning

Media Diet by Heath Row: I hope to meet Heath one day. I think I’ll like him–and he is blogging the hell out of the Jupiter conference on blogging. Entries right here.
Kevin Kelly, Whole Earth and high tech genius, has new Cool Tools (thanks BoingBoing) Kevin also has a great page asking questions of readers, right here.
Dave Sifry is my hero! I am already addicted to Technorati, and it appears that Dave created a full-text search for Technorati. Now you can search the complete text of over 300,000 blogs, and all matching text posted two hours ago or more will be returned. Link to the beta search is here. (Thanks again, BoingBoing)
Diary of a lost girl: Christine is 30-something, clinically depressed, home with an eating disorder , hella smart, and a new blogger. Girl, welcome to the world.