Helping out a friend

Spent part of today shopping and cooking for an old friend whose father is dying. He’s 80, lives a few hours away and has been in poor health for quite a while. After the last bout of problems, he began to think about stopping dialysis–he made that decision in the past week and now the family is waiting for him to die.
I lost both my parents within two years of each other, one to a lingering illness, the other suddenly, so I want to be as supportive of my friend as possible.
Today, that turned into buying 4 lbs of roast chicken, orange juice without pulp, bananas, crunchy granola bars and other things her family needs, then stopping by with the groceries and making them a nice dinner.
I’ve had a strong feeling her father is going to die the day of her son’s graduation party; hope that’s not the case. These difficult situations remind me how lucky I am to be in a position to help someone else.