How People Hug (Tim Bray)

Via Ming the Magnificent, oop,s I mean the Mechanic:
Tim Bray sat in an airport and studied how people hug or not.
People who are culturally non-huggers suffer for it; you will see what looks like a reunion after long separation between a grown daughter and a grown mother, and they will stand face to face, eyes full of tears, and almost quiver it seems.
Non-hugger displacement activity includes reaching out to touch the other only for a moment, and quickly turning to walk side-by-side.
Some groups cheek-kiss, one side then the other, the number of kisses can be two, three or even four, and there seems no doubt or hesitancy how many there will be.
Japanese people and those who meet them bow of course; those whove spent any time in Japan wont be surprised at how many shades of meaning and style can infuse a bow.
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Since it takes courage to hug, at least for me, this is interesting.