Latest AOL 9.0 Beta Omits Realplayer, no blogging visible

The folks at Neowin watch AOL’s software releases, so we don’t have to.
The Neowin tester says that this build offers a different client interface, and
New member animation emphasizes secure connections for AOL email and a limitless filing system for mail; a PC computer checkup that will monitor your system for you (interesting), server side address book available with long in from any machine.
Other interesting things: Real Player doesn’t seem to be bundled in–is this because AOL’s team was preparing to support Windows Media player instead?There’s an extendable bar on top, center, that mixes community/tech services with transaction services such as Moviefone.
A new area AOL has been discussing for at least 16 months is on the bar. Called “Buzzline” this is the “What are AOL members talking about right now?” data-display area, where quotes, polls, and other data are centralized for viewing pleasure.
No sign of any blogging tools on the Neowin screen shots, although I’d heard blogging might be included in the 9.0 release. Well, there’s still plenty of time.