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Don’t ask how I found this one.
Hi, my name is Lily! This is the first part of a two-part guide for exhibitionists, and anyone interested in the subject. I’ve been showing myself off for years, and I’m using this as an easy way to share hints and tips, not to mention a few juicy examples, with anyone who can benefit from my experience. This volume includes ideas for basic-level exhibitionism. What the basic means is exhibitionism that’s usually tamer than intermediate and advanced levels, but more importantly it always appears unintentional. Basic, intermediate, and advanced refer to the levels of risk in what’s being tried, in other words how risky it is.
With basic exhibitionism, clothes become you’re most important tool, besides location. This may seem to be the opposite of what it should be, but you don’t have to be completely naked to show off.

More here. WARNING: This page gets very racy as you scroll down…

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