Monday and not raining

It’s Monday in New York and it’s finally not raining. Not raining is a new condition of weather that overrides whether it is sunny, grey, cold, hot, windy, dry, humid, etc. Not raining is great in comparison to raining, the constant condition of the Eastern Seaboard for the past 30 days.
Not raining means:
1) Wearing a skirt–no chance of getting my legs splashed in a downpour
2) Not wearing black–it’s not summer white, but at least there’s no need to mask mud puddle splashes
3) Smiling–Less reason to feel sleepless in Seattle, or like a rainforest refugee
4) Better living through dog walking–Winston and I can go on long, meandering walks, and even head over to the woods, in between stints of work and life
Will it last? Nope, rain predicted for tomorrow.
Does it matter right now? No, it’s sunny