New York City in July: Bikram yoga without the yoga.

It was 101 degrees in New York today.
Summer weather has arrived with a vengeance.
The Producer’s Project student film screening was at the pier right next to Chelsea Piers, on a gently rocking boat. Many people’s faces in the audience were red and sweaty because of the heat. After the event, we dove into a cab and soaked up the air-conditioning.
Hey, that’s New York for you. Last Friday I was bitching about the cold weather and remarking on the high black boots so many New York women were clomping around in.
Now, I’m going to make snide remarks about the heat and intense humidity.
No, I’ll skip them and let you imagine what I might say.
New York bonus posts (even wierder than I am):
via Gawker: Apartment share ad for out of work beekeper (are these people insane, or what?)
“There is one catch you should be aware of. I am a professional bee keeper. I maintain a rather large hive of Africanized honey bees. Due to the economic downturn and the reduced demand for honey I was unable to maintain my work studio and therefore I now work from home. The hive is located in the living room.”
(via NY Times): Big bugs are gonna suck your blood.