On Alec Klein’s AOL Book, “Stealing Time”

Alec Lein’s book is gathering press. In the news recently–
Jennifer Files, in the San Jose Mercury News:
“From the naive vantage point of 2000, America Online’s $112 billion deal to buy Time Warner — the largest merger in U.S. history and the subject of Alec Klein’s interesting new book, “Stealing Time” — looked like the New Economy’s coming of age.
The Internet upstart would buy the old-school entertainment behemoth and reshape it in its own image. The Web had won: America’s up-and-comers need never again wear suits to work, or wait, like their parents did, until they grew gray to grow rich. Silicon Valley had believed this for years, of course, but AOL Time Warner hammered home the point for the rest of the nation.
Today’s AOL Time Warner symbolizes the opposite. The New Economy was largely the Fake Economy; thousands of failed companies and hundreds of billions of dollars in accounting write-offs proved that. People don’t sneer at corporate dinosaurs anymore. They call them survivors. And investors want regulators to protect them because by now they know too much about how the era’s fastest-growing firms did business.
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The Miami Herald also says Klein “does the best job yet” of explaining AOL.
“In July of last year, Washington Post writer Alec Klein broke the now well known story of AOL’s accounting irregularities. He uses this scoop as the centerpiece for his new book, which also recounts the history of America Online (with a few surprises, as above), along with a pocket profile of Time Warner and events at both firms leading to their furtive mating dance and subsequent merger.”
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