Reality Bytes: More high-tech CEOs now deciding to step to the side

Interesting article in the Boston Globe today on how several high-tech CEOs have recently left their posts and then said, “Hey, I’m done with that,” when they had a chance to run other large companies.
Ed Zander, former COO of Sun:
”After running 40,000 people — and maybe I wasn’t CEO, but I was sure close to it — it dawned on me that just going back and running a company, any company,
wouldn’t be good,” Zander said. ”If several years from now I have that desire, yeah, I’ll do it. But right now I just don’t.”
Bob LoPresto, president of the high-tech practice of Rusher Loscavio & LoPresto, an executive recruiting firm with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Palo Alto, California: “It’s s no fun to be CEO of a public company anymore.”
More here. including quotes from Jim Barksdale, formerly of Netscape, Raymond J. Lane , formerly of Oracle, and Bob Davis, formerly of Lycos.