Rowling to read Potter live on web

Great news for the development of streaming media:
“A special Harry Potter event starring JK Rowling at the Royal Albert Hall is to be broadcast live on the Internet
The boy wizard’s creator will read extracts from her eagerly awaited fifth book and answer questions from an anticipated global audience of millions.
The one-off London show will be held on June 26, five days after Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix hits the shops.”
One of the disappoints of thedot com bubble bursting has been the slowness for broadband and the web to develop a viable business model for live webcast events. Live events permit an interactivity with the audience that most TV doesn’t support, and can be repurposed as VOD after the event, but media companies have been slow to embrace the form. While it’s true the Rowling event is purely a marketing event, it’s exactly the kind of live programming I’d like to see more of.